cute lace lingerie

The Future Mission of cute lace lingerie

What is the mission of lingerie and why should we wear lingerie? What is the true value of lingerie? To put it simply, cute lace lingerie should accomplish one of these three missions. Show it. Hide it. Pretend you got it.

There is no such thing as sexy lingerie. It is the woman that is sexy! Lingerie is only to help the woman or man enhance their sex appeal. In other words, lingerie does not make you sexy, it makes what is sexy about you sexier. Just like make up, you use lingerie to hide flaws, and enhance your best features. Or give the illusion of features you are a little short on.

Lingerie can enhance your breast, or derriere or it can show off your bust or tush. Lingerie can hide your stretch marks or show off your beautiful abdominal muscles or it can hide you flabby upper arms, or show off your beautiful smooth shoulders. That is one of the reasons lingerie is so popular. You wear lingerie to make yourself sexier and to tantalize the opposite sex.

Lingerie uses mystery, excitement, and tease. Lingerie, when selected properly, helps to provide those three elements. Take three pictures of the same woman. In picture one she is wearing a nice blouse and jeans. In picture two, she is dressed in lingerie. In picture three she is completely naked. Place the three pictures in front of a man and ask him to pick out the woman he finds to be the most sexy.

More often than not his eyes will first look over the naked woman, because, she is naked. Then he will look over the lingerie woman. Odds are, he will choose the woman in lingerie. Why? Out of the three pictures, the woman in lingerie is the only one that accomplishes all three missions, and provides all three elements listed above. Let's break down all three pictures.

The full clothed woman is providing plenty of mystery, very little excitement, and almost no tease. Fully clothed women are seen every day, where is the excitement and tease in that? The woman in cute lace lingerie is a tease. He can not see everything, only what she wants him to see. That leads to the mystery. What is she hiding? What is under the parts I can not see. Finally, excitement, you do not see that every day, and you can not wait to see the rest.

The nude woman offers plenty of excitement and some tease, because she is desirable and he wants more. Although there is not much more to give. Where is the mystery? She is fully exposed, so there is nothing to tantalize his mind and the mind is the largest sex organ of the human body. The value of lingerie is in what it helps create, and in the mission it accomplishes. You just have to know how to choose the right lingerie.

Ladies you know what your best features are. You know what you do not want to show. The female sex has always been best at the tease. You just need to keep these things in mind when selecting your lingerie outfit. The hardest part is choosing the right outfit for you. Whether you are buying on-line, or at a retail store, there is someone available to help you make your selection.

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cute lace lingerie
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